As noted on my website, I also do research particuarly in the field of Workplace Bullying and Harassment.
You may be invited or you may even volunteer to take part in a research project at Amaranth Counselling if so what happens in terms of privacy?  
The purpose of research is to inform and teach others therefore it is very likely that the research project will be written up for publication in a specialist journal so that other professionals might read and learn from our work together. Therefore there will be a wider audience who will access your personal information.

What about confidentiality?

Confidentiality is absolutely essential to our work together and must not be compromised. It is my duty as your counsellor to ensure your confidentiality and the confidentiality of any 3rd parties, therefore the following steps will be taken to protect anonymity for all concerned.
Depending on the type of research project e.g. a case study, it may mean that you will be described in the paper and so personal details will be altered to protect offer you anonymity and to offer confidentialtiy. Your name would be changed (first name only) and certain details such as your age you will be changed if needed. Details relating to your employment and employer will be kept vague so that you cannot be identified, e.g. a teacher or an administrator.
The identity of any 3rd party will not be revealed and will be described in the vaguest possible terms, e.g. public sector, small private company
All people involved in the research review process must observe professional levels of confidentiality; as many are counsellors they know what this entails and all will subscribe to the code of ethics of their professional body.

Again I am covered by the rules of data protection, all records of our work are kept locked away and client contact details are separate from work notes.

In order for me to study our interaction it is very likely that I will record sessions.
 These recordings are kept anonymous and confidential. Nobody will have access to them except your counsellor and yourself. The recorded files will be encrypted (file locked) and held on my personal home computer. 
Sections of the sessions will be transcribed and presented for publication, again your name and any revealing information will be withheld.  They will NOT be available to any 3rd party who is not related to the research project.
You may be asked to complete questionnaires at the start of counselling and also at the end of each session these will be kept with the session notes and are anonymised. 
You may be asked to keep a diary or journal about your experience, this is your own personal diary and extracts (if any) to be published will only be done with your permission. Nobody will have access to it including your counsellor. 
Further Details
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